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Published by admin in News · 10 September 2019
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Facebook is a  platform which is really good for sharing your content, not just to see  what your friends are doing. You can create lists on who sees your posts,  so if you have a group of people on your facebook that you know are  interested in your sector or maybe you have clients? You can add all  these and whilst they are having a break they may have a browse through  your post.
Another obvious one but a goodie! Instagram  is for the world of people who love to see photos so make sure you have  imagery that will be eye catching and make that person scrolling take a  look further. You can also use Stories to get your content over, maybe a  video of someone talking about it or a simple picture tied to your  post?
A professional place where you do need to make sure your content is a  lot more structured. But also a very good sharing platform. You can  post through your company’s Linkedin  then maybe share on your own personal one. Also, if you use Linkedin  often you may want to post into Linkedin Groups, but keeping in mind  that you are following that particular groups rules.
A platform that is similar to Instagram in the sense of it’s all put  forward through images. If you do want to share your content here make  sure to have pretty images to entice readers. You can also create boards  which can be shared publicly, here you could group all your posts that  are supporting your content together.
This one is for those of you who don’t mind getting behind the camera  and speaking about their content. Here, you could briefly talk about  what you have written about linking it also to the post, so readers can  get more information. YouTube is also great for getting the personal side of your company out to customers or people who may just love your job sector.
Emails are one of those things that will always be needed. So sharing  your content here is great, you can do it a few different ways. The  first being through a newsletter that at the end of the week you can  group all the posts that have been posted into one place which can be  sent to the people in your mail-list so that they can click into. Or you  can email each time a post goes out, however, this way may be a bit too  much for customers who don’t want to constantly be receiving emails  from you.
Twitter is a fast paced platform  so making sure your content is relevant is important. You can do a  simple tweet, making sure to link the post that you want people to read.  You can share it through your personal, but make sure to separate posts  as you don’t want to overwhelm your audience. If you want a certain  sector to look at your tweets then look into that sector’s related  twitter chats and find some hashtags to use with your content.
So with having a few of these social media platforms you can increase  the number of people accessing your content. Making your work more  worthwhile but also inspiring other people.

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